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If you want a pipe repair solution that lasts, call a Nu Drain installer. Nu Drain has an environmentally friendly epoxy liner that is cured-in-place and costs much less than all new pipes. Repair, even when actual pieces of pipe are missing, is not a problem. Unlike other plumbing companies, Nu Drain does not have to access your pipes by tearing up your lawn, landscaping, walls, or floors. We simply go through one access point, clean and dry the pipe interiors, and then pull the liner in place. Once it has cured, your pipes are free of corrosion, clogs, and tree roots cannot force their way through the pipes.

Multi-Tenant / Family Buildings

Multifamily building owners and managers have to not only make decisions on what is the most cost effective way to fix a pipe problem; they also have to be mindful of the inconvenience this will cause the tenant.

Because Nu Drain has the ability to fix non-pressurized piping system using existing access points, Nu Drain offers the least disruptive and most viable option for pipe renewal.

Whether your piping issue is related to drain pipes failing from root intrusion, structural failure, copper pinhole leaks or even corroded galvanized pipes, Nu Drain’s proven track record and international installation experience will help you solve your piping concerns with minimal disruption to your daily operations.

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Because of the 24/7, high demand nature of hospital settings, the decision to replace pipes or choose to re-pipe can mean a huge expense and potential down time in critical areas that cannot afford to be inaccessible or disruptive to patient care. For facilities such as these, Nu Drain’s solutions play an integral role in renewing pipe systems without disrupting the hospital’s daily critical functions.

Nu Drain is a leader in operating in these kind of conditions and is staffed with professionals who understand how critical these kind of projects are, not only to hospital but to the people and communities these hospitals serve.

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Universities & Schools

Nu Drain regularly services universities and school building that require rehabilitation services. In addition, Nu Drain also manufactures and installs complete interior infrastructure solutions for any commercial facility or structure including office buildings, multi-unit residential buildings, schools, restaurants, museums, hospitals and more.

Nu Drain specializes in offering solutions that minimize tenant displacement, demolition and renovation, all while reducing the amount of time required to complete a rehabilitation project. Contact Nu Drain Today

Restaurants, Hotels, Resorts, & Casinos

For facility managers at hotels, resorts or casinos, the decision to continue generating revenue in rooms during a pipe renewal project can seem like a daunting task.

However convenient they may seem, “quick fix” repairs are not the answer. Nu Drain offers long-term solutions to pipe problems that feasible, non-destructive, and minimally disruptive to business operations.

With Nu Drain’s dual technology offerings and international resume, there is no project or scope of work we have not seen. At Nu Drain, our team of Account Managers and Operations Managers will not only create a cost-effective plan that is less destructive than traditional repair methods, but also allow you to continue to generate revenue in areas of the hotel we are not working in. Nu Drain has the ability to isolate areas and make sure while fixing the pipes with our structural liners or epoxy lining products that your hotel, resort or casino remains operational and you can continue to generate revenue while fixing your pipe problems.

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Commercial & Residential

Drain has the product to solve commercial building owners and managers along with residential customer's pipe problem.

Armed with patented-protected technologies on both the epoxy coating for pressurized pipes and the structural liners, many have tried to copy but rarely live up to Nu Drain’s dominate position in the market.

Epoxy Coating Specialist – With over 7000 research hours from the US Naval Research Lab and 30 years experience with epoxy coating application in the pipe, including a large portion US Naval Fleet, Nu Drain is the industry leader in epoxy coatings. In 1984, the mission for the US Naval Research Lab was to design the best epoxy product and process that would last the longest once in the pipe.

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When compared to other lining technologies in the CIPP industry, Nu Drain’s structural liner has the unique ability to access a pipe using only one access point, and then using it to push the liner into place. This technology allows us greater flexibility than other methods of CIPP, which allows us to pinpoint the exact sections that need to be renewed.

When looking at epoxy lining of pressurized pipes, our solutions shine with a dynamic resume of projects that still have our epoxy coating in place almost 30 years later.

It’s hard to imagine why anyone would choose older, more invasive technologies, when this non-invasive time-tested solution is widely available to the public.

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