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Nu Drain Process is simply better, and can save money.

There are many ways to experience plumbing problems. Your failing drain or sewer lines could fall victim to pinhole leaks, clogged, root intrusion, cracks, breaks, or witness back-ups. When in distress, call for your estimate. Nu Drain Louisiana is here to service your needs. We use a patented green technology to restore sewer & drain lines in residence, commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, hotels, universities, condos, multi-unit residential, & multi-level buildings. This patented technology uses a Pull-in-Place epoxy liner to repair leaks & restore drain lines. This solution is cost effective, safe, & long lasting at the same time does not cause destruction or inconvenience to your home, building or property.

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Why choose us?

  • Lasts for Decades

    A Nu Drain lining system can last for decades, is Eco-friendly and impervious to tree roots and corrosion. The patented epoxy lining fills in cracks, weakened joints, even pieces of missing pipe throughout your system. It’s a “better than new” pipe inside the original.

  • Works With All Pipe Materials

    The “cured-in-place” epoxy lining works with all types of pipes: ABS plastic, PVC, copper, clay, cast iron, concrete, and more. The coating adheres easily to elbows and joints, too. It works best with pipe diameters of 1 1/2” to 12”.

  • Improves Flow

    Before lining the pipes, we ensure they are cleaned and corrosion free. When dry, we add the epoxy liner. Cleaned pipes will have no leaks, a larger diameter, and the new liner resists corrosion so your drain pipes allow more water to flow throughout the system.


    Additional services provided to HOA and realty services are: video inspections and drain cleaning, contact us for pricing.


Nu Drain uses a non-pressurized epoxy lining, and a process known as CIPP, which stands for cured-in-place pipe. This in-place drain restoration saves significant time and money when compared to replacing the entire drainage system. GET A QUOTE NOW

Same-Day, Time-Saving Process: Pipe Cleaning, Pipe Lining, Cure and System Evaluation



Nu DRAIN is # 1 in drain repair. Contact us today for your pipe, drain and sewer line servicing needs!